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Xavier Dolan

– 2021

Branding Identity, Visual Design

Personal Project
This identity tries to carefully balance neutrality and distinction. Xavier Dolan is a filmmaker who sees himself as a conduit for creativity, and so this humility has been essential to the project's identity. But more importantly, his works build on rich storytelling techniques, and a truly unique voice. This identity therefore carries these associations, bringing the timelessness of his craft into modernity.

To dedicate a few lines about the enfant prodige of contemporary cinema: Xavier Dolan. The definition enfant prodige may seem nothing more than an interactive nickname but behind it a considerable truth is actually hiding. His directorial career started in fact at nineteen preceeded by a thrilling acting experience. Since 1994, at just five years old Xavier takes part to a television series which over the years willallow his growth from actor to all-round artist.

The bold use of vermillion reflects the vibrancy of his character, the underlying theme of passion in his work, and the consistent use of the colour in his films. This is balanced and softened with a warm “paper” colour, which also refer to the history of storytelling by mimicking the colour of parchment.

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